UDigiSH WG workshop 2022

Following the successful implementation of our WG workshop in 2021 at Palermo, Italy (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4302146), we started planning for this year’s event, which was granted support from DARIAH ERIC (through the DARIAH WG Grants 2022 Call).

The 2022 version of our workshop will take place this October in two locations in consecutive dates; first, we will be visiting the narrow streets of Cordoba, Spain, to study the highly valuable heritage of the patio houses, where the PAX collective (http://patiosaxerquia.org/) will help us delve into the significance of local solutions to climate adaptation, as developed through the centuries by vernacular architecture in Mediterranean cities; next, we will be crossing the border to visit the primordial site and medieval coastal town of Lourinhã in Portugal, to discuss about new opportunities for public space regeneration by means of the use of ICT tools for community building and bottom-up, participatory, city planning methods, inspired by the route of the Limestone. We are looking forward to collaborating with the local municipalities and stakeholders, with the support of Lusófona University and LNEC – Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil.

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